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Nagani Mata

Nagni Mata Temple: A Spiritual Haven for Snake Bite Treatment in Himachal Pradesh

Nagni Mata Temple, a sacred site for deities, gods, sages, and saints, is an eminent destination in Himachal Pradesh. Year-round, this temple hosts numerous religious fairs and festivals, attracting a high volume of pilgrims and devotees. The significance of these events is intricately linked to various deities and gods, making them more than just local traditions. Notably, Nagni Mata Temple in Nurpur, Himachal Pradesh, stands out.

Situated on the Pathankot-Mandi national highway, this temple springs to life every Saturday during the months of Shravan and Bhadon (July-August). It’s during these periods that the volume of pilgrims peaks, with thousands flocking not only from Himachal Pradesh but also from neighboring states like Punjab, Haryana, and Jammu and Kashmir, all drawn to this temple for the revered darshan of Nagni Mata.

What makes Nagni Mata Temple unique is its distinct tradition of treating snakebites and scorpion stings. This treatment involves providing water to the affected individuals and applying a particular clay mixture, known as “Shakkar Prasad,” to the wound. This practice is believed to have the extraordinary effect of keeping snakes and scorpions away from homes, ensuring their safety.

While the temple remains active throughout the year, the monsoon months witness a surge in pilgrim numbers, culminating in the grand fairs that are an integral part of this spiritual sanctuary. Nagni Mata Temple holds a revered place, not just in the hearts of Himachal Pradesh residents but also in the broader context of religious destinations in India.


Nagni Mata Temple’s existence is rooted in a timeless legend. According to this tale, this region was once a dense jungle, ruled by King Jagat Singh. People frequented the area to drink and bathe in the flowing waters of Jaladhara, considering it a sacred spot. The hillock had earthen pitchers, where devotees often offered milk and water.

Later, a hermit chose to reside here, relentlessly praying to attain salvation from the divine. It is said that his unwavering penance bore fruit when Nagni Mata appeared in his dream, revealing a sacred milk river in a valley. Upon waking, he was astonished to find the milk river flowing alongside the temple.

Nagni Mata conveyed that bathing in this river and applying its sacred clay on the body would cure skin diseases. The hermit followed her guidance, bathing and applying the clay to his sores, which miraculously healed his ailments. He shared this remarkable event, and since then, countless people have found healing for various skin diseases here, apart from snakebites