Near Kalsai Pul, Ghera Rd, Dharamshala

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Experiences at the Farm

Unforgettable Bodhivan!

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty that surrounds us as you set off on captivating nature walks, where each step reveals hidden wonders!

Delight in the art of birdwatching!


Our Bodhivan farm is rich in flora and birds too! While you can spot many types of trees, plants, grasses and flowers, you would also be able to accomplish your dream of bird watching. We can not state how many species of birds can be spotted but we are sure that every time you keenly go on to spot the birds, you would discover a new one! 

You will also be able to spot Indian Paradise Flycatcher, a white colored bird with a long tail. Another bird is he blue bird that we have spotted too! You will be mesmerized by the colorful birds that can be spotted in our farm!

Take a dip in the invigorating glacial waters!

Rejuvenate your spirit with invigorating swims in nearby glacial waters! Our farm is just along the beautiful Gaj River and hence offers an easy connectivity. You can set up a camp nearby while enjoying a dip in fresh waters of Gaj river, and sun bathe at the same time! 

Flowing through the mountains, a fresh river stream named Gaj river, sets the location apart, and the best part is that we have an inhouse connectivity with the river, where one can have a fresh dip into the glacial waters or camp nearby and simply enjoy near the river.

Indulge in the joy of organic farming!

Embrace the opportunity to cultivate your green thumb by participating in organic farming activities.

We have a lot of fruit trees, decorative trees in our farm. Seasonal vegetables/staple food is grown as a routine. We can also provide you a little area of your own, if you wish to plant flowers or grow your own veggies, just in case you decide to stay for a longer period of time! 

 Find inner peace and harmony – MEDITATE! 

Since time immemorial meditation has been practiced for self enlightenment. But gradually, only a small percentage of people are still intact to this secret magic. 

Meditation or Dhyan, as we may call in Hindi, gives a peak into ourselves and its effects have a very deeper roots that a normal person can not comprehend until and unless the person becomes an avid meditator.

Keeping Dhyan in mind, we first kept the foundation of our farm and hence the name! We want to give our guests a place where they can truly uncover the deepest layers of their mind through meditation, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, living close to nature.