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Explore Kangra’s Fairs & Festivals: A Guide to Must-Attend Events

Kangra is a beautiful district of Himachal Pradesh and has preserved the natural village life in every aspect. The raw life is well depicted in the simple and culturally rich carnivals/fairs and traditional festivals. One can experience the joys of many rides, food stalls, and stalls with vibrant, colorful clothes, toys, and balloons. Below are some of the most celebrated festivals and fairs that the local people look forward to attending.

1. Kangra Holi: 

Holi, the festival of colors is celebrated with immense enthusiasm in Kangra. Locals and tourists come together to participate in vibrant processions, play with colored powders, and enjoy traditional Himachali sweets. The atmosphere is filled with joy and music, making it a memorable experience for all.

2. Chamunda Devi Fair: 

The Chamunda Devi Temple in Kangra hosts an annual fair that attracts thousands of devotees. It usually takes place during the Navratri festival. Devotees gather to seek blessings from Goddess Chamunda and participate in cultural performances, fairs, and processions.

Shri Chamunda Devi Mandir also known as Chamunda Nandikeshwar Dham, is a sacred temple devoted to Shri Chamunda Devi, a manifestation of Goddess Durga. Situated in the Kangra district of the Northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, this temple is situated at approximately 19 km from Palampur town in the Dharamshala Tehsil.

3. Jwalamukhi Fair: 

Jwalamukhi Temple, dedicated to the Goddess of Eternal Flame, is a significant pilgrimage site in Kangra. The annual Jwalamukhi Fair is a major attraction where devotees offer prayers and perform rituals. The highlight of this fair is the traditional Himachali dances and music performances.

Jwalamukhi Temple is located in the town of Jwalamukhi, Himachal Pradesh, this temple stands 35 km south of the Kangra Valley. It is a place of worship dedicated to Jwalamukhi, often referred to as the Goddess of Light or the Flaming Goddess, owing to her association with fire. The temple is beautifully positioned with a backdrop of the Dhauladhar range.

4. Kangra Saptami Fair:

Held in January, the Kangra Saptami Fair is dedicated to Lord Surya (the Sun God). Pilgrims bathe in the holy water of the Banganga River and offer prayers to Lord Surya. The fair also features cultural programs and various food stalls.

5. Baisakhi Fair:

Baisakhi, celebrated in April, marks the harvest festival in Kangra. People celebrate the abundant harvest with folk dances, music, and processions. Baisakhi is also a time for community gatherings and feasting.

6. Pragpur Fair:

Pragpur is also known as the heritage village in Kangra. Pragpur hosts an annual fair that showcases the rich culture and traditions of the region. This fair includes folk performances, handicraft exhibitions, and traditional games.

7. Kareri Festival: 

The Kareri Festival is celebrated with great joy in the Kareri region of Kangra. It involves cultural programs, traditional music, dance, and local cuisine. The festival provides insight into the unique culture of the local Gaddi community.

8. Palampur Winter Carnival: 

Palampur, a picturesque town in Kangra, hosts the Palampur Winter Carnival in December. The carnival includes cultural events, adventure activities, and exhibitions. It’s a delightful way to experience the beauty and culture of the region.

9. Holi Fair at Sujanpur Tira:

Sujanpur Tira, a historic town in Kangra, is famous for its grand Holi fair. The fair features a colorful procession, cultural performances, and competitions. The traditional ‘Holi with sticks’ is a unique highlight of this fair.

10. Chintpurni Fair

Chintpurni is in the Una district of Himachal Pradesh. It is often visited by pilgrims from Kangra. The Chintpurni Fair, dedicated to Goddess Chintpurni, is a significant religious event. Pilgrims seek blessings, and the fair includes cultural activities and offerings.