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Jakhani Mata temple

Perched atop the highest point of Chandpur Village in Kangra district, the Jakhni Mata Temple is a sacred haven devoted to Devi Latti Jakhni. Positioned approximately 7 kilometers away from the Bundla Mata Temple and 5 kilometers from Palampur, this spiritual site commands attention.

The journey to the temple entails a rigorous ascent, and most visitors opt for the convenience of a car ride rather than embarking on the strenuous walk. Nevertheless, those in good physical condition may attempt the hike to reach the temple.

Sitting at a strategic location, the temple offers a panoramic perspective of the breathtaking Dhauladhar range, the picturesque valley, and the charming rural settlements below. The view from this vantage point is undeniably awe-inspiring and adds to the temple’s allure.

The History

The legend of the Jakhani Mata Temple is a tale of devotion, divine intervention, and the enduring bond between a mother and her child.

Centuries ago, a young boy from the village of Jakhani ventured into the nearby forest. Unbeknownst to him, the forest was inhabited by fierce animals and posed numerous dangers. As fate would have it, the boy found himself surrounded by a pack of wild animals, leaving him in a perilous situation.

His mother, filled with anguish and desperation, began to pray fervently to Mata Jakhani, a form of the divine mother. Her heartfelt plea reached the goddess, who was moved by the mother’s unwavering devotion and the perilous situation of her son.

In response to the mother’s prayers, Mata Jakhani appeared before her. She assured the distressed mother that her son would be safe and protected. True to her word, the goddess intervened, and the wild animals retreated, leaving the boy unharmed.

In gratitude for the goddess’s divine intervention and the safety of her son, the mother decided to construct a temple in honor of Mata Jakhani. With the support of the local community, the Jakhani Mata Temple was built on the hill where the divine encounter had taken place. It became a place of devotion and pilgrimage, drawing people from near and far to seek blessings and express their gratitude.