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Discover Kangra, Himachal Pradesh’s Key Fairs & Festivals!

Kangra is one of the most populous districts of Himachal Pradesh, located in Himachal Pradesh, India Spread across an area of approximately 5,739 square kilometers, Kangra is one of the largest districts in the state. It is a haven for nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, and spiritual seekers, offering many trekking trails, camping spots, and pilgrimage sites.

Kangra is known for its vibrant and culturally rich festivals and fairs. These fairs and festivals reflect the region’s rich cultural heritage and religious diversity. They provide a unique opportunity to experience the traditions, spirituality, and joyous celebrations that define Kangra’s cultural landscape. The region’s festivals, such as the colorful Kangra Holi and the spiritually significant Navratri, attract visitors from across the country and beyond.

Here are some of the most popular fairs & festivals of Kangra, Himachal Pradesh –

Fairs of Kangra

  • Kangra Holi
  • Chamunda Devi fair
  • Jwalamukhi fair
  • Kangra Saptami
  • Baisakhi
  • Pragpur fair
  • Kareri fair
  • Palampur winter carnival
  • Holi fair at Sujanpur Tira
  • Chintpurni fair

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Festivals of Kangra – 

  • Makar Sankranti
  • Chait
  • Baisakhi
  • Haryali
  • Sair & Nawala

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