Near Kalsai Pul, Ghera Rd, Dharamshala

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Level Of Difficulty – Moderate to Difficult level

Trek Distance – ~ 65 Kms

Trek Route – Triund-Lahesh Caves-Nag Dal-Chaderkup Dal – Dham Godi Dal Trail-Lam Dal- Kali Dal-Naghar-Kareri Lake-Kareri Village 

The 7 Lakes of Dhauladhar Trek takes you on a captivating journey through the stunning Dhauladhar Range in Himachal Pradesh, where you’ll have the opportunity to explore seven picturesque lakes. Each lake has its own unique charm, and together they create a mesmerising tapestry of natural beauty. 

  1. Nag Dal/ Nag Chhatri Dal (King Cobra Lake)
  2. Lam Dal
  3. Kali Kund 
  4. Kareri Lake
  5. Chanderkoop Lake or the Moon Lake
  6. Sukh Dal 
  7. Dam Ghodi Dal

Here are the details about the seven lakes you’ll encounter on this trek!